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Oct 30, 2012 11:30pm PDT
around the corner. but unfortunately, the obama economy means a lot of people can't afford elaborate costumes this year. in fact, many women can't even afford dignity. (laughter) so tonight i've got some ways for you to have a great halloween without busting your budget. it's time for stephen ghoul-bert's spooky time halloween fun guide. (cheers and applause) now first, folks, first, of course, will you need a big bowl of candy. and a separate big bowl of razor blades, okay. that way the kids can see that the razor blades aren't in the candy, all right. puts the parents' minds at ease. now keep in mind that a great halloween costume does not have to be expensive. for example, you just grab a little felt, okay, some glitter, a tube of glue and voila, now you are a kinter guard-- kindergarten teacher. oh, hey hey, that is my special guest with some more great ideas. let's go. all right. (cheers and applause) you look great. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you, thank you very much, thank you. thank you for coming. you want some candy, tom. >> no thanks, stephen. i just shaved. >> okay
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)